Wusthof Precision Edge Knife Sharpener Review

Wusthof Precision Edge 2 Stage Knife Sharpener

Keeping your treasured knives sharp and precise is as important whether you are a professional chef or a home user, and you can be sure that the Wusthof Precision Edge 2-Stage Knife Sharpener will live up to the job. This is because Wusthof is a name that is famed in the world of sharpening devices, and with very good reason. This sharpener is beautifully made and delightfully modern, and is also very well priced.

The Wusthof precision edge 2 stage knife sharpener is designed to handle a wide range of knives and uses the very best materials for the job. Clever design – which comes with experience – means it offers excellent sharpening and honing properties, easy to use operation and great grip. It is also compact and looks quite superb.

For a manual sharpener, a method preferred by most professionals, the Wusthof knife sharpener does a very good job and s extremely precise. The two stage operation is easy to handle and learn, and the construction of the device offers great versatility and steady use. This is a very well priced and cleverly made knife sharpener.

What Do I Get In Wüsthof 2-stage Knife Sharpener?

Specially designed for bringing your dull knives back to a precisely honed sharpness, you are buying a Wusthof 2-stage knife sharpener that comes with all the promise of that prestigious name. The quality of this item is all-round excellent, and the following are some notable features:

  • Two stage sharpener for precision blades and professional results
  • Hard Carbide heads for coarse sharpening – 1st stage
  • Ceramic rods for fine honing – 2nd stage
  • Easy grip handle that is specially designed for steady operation
  • Rubber base that offers excellent stability

The Wusthof Precision Edge 2-stage knife sharpener comes highly recommended by professionals and really is very easy to use, while offering results that professionals would be very satisfied with.

About the Wüsthof 2-stage Knife Sharpener

The years of experience that Wusthof can boast in making machines such as this shows, and there is much to be said for the quality and sturdiness of the design. For sharpening you want a steady base for safety purposes, and this sharpener certainly offers that.

The two stage sharpening technique is one that is well known in kitchens across the world. The first stage uses the clearly labelled v-shaped Carbide heads to offer a coarse sharpening, bringing those dull edges back to life with just a few strokes, while the ceramic rods – the second stage – help to hone the edge to perfection, again with just a couple of strokes of the blade. It really is that simple, and we think it works beautifully.

With excellent futuristic – yet practical –design this is a great looking sharpener that would not look out of place in any kitchen, and offers the opportunity to keep your favorite knives as sharp and usable as they can be for the longest time. It also a very good price.

Size and Details

Wusthof Precision Edge 2 Stage Knife Sharpener

We are in favour of compact designs and this is certainly one, but its small size does not detract from its overall ability. It could fit in even the smallest kitchens, thanks to the following specifications:

  • Measures 9×1.5×3.5 inches – small and easy to place
  • Shipping weight only 10 pounds – specially weighted for stability
  • Well made and designed to last a long time

Functional yet attractive, the modern look of this Wusthof Precision edge sharpener is something that will appeal to many, but it’s the performance that counts. The sharpening effect is very good indeed, easy to use and as quick as using an automatic sharpener, if not even easier, and the safety features make it particularly foolproof.

Further Information about Wusthof Knife Sharpeners

We have mentioned safety a few times already but feel it is very important in a manual sharpener. The safety design on the Wusthof Precision Edge is very good indeed and it needs just a few pulls through the stages to get the best effect.

Maintenance is simple – just wash it as you normally would knives and other kitchen implements – and it is also easy to move around, so you can work with it to find the best place in the kitchen. Well made, well priced and very effective, this is a Wusthof sharpener that lives up to the name.

Shipping and Pricing:

At $19.95 – the current retail price on Amazon – this Wusthof device will be very hard to beat and makes excellent value in anyone’s book. We think it could be one of the bargains of the moment, and it ships to selected countries outside of the USA.

Pro’s and Con’s of the Wusthof Precision Edge 2-Stage Knife Sharpener

Perhaps the only negative could be that you might prefer an automatic sharpener, especially if you have many knives to look after. This is a personal choice, but the excellent price and ease of use could be a deciding factor.

One customer has complained that they were seeing a jagged edge on the knives after using, but this appears to be a sole example of a complaint. It could be they were not using it right, for customer response is very favourable indeed.

With a current score of 4.0 from 65 reviews on Amazon there is no doubting that this is a very well priced sharpener and that it will meet with many satisfied customers, and we strongly recommend that you include it on any shortlist of possible sharpening devices.

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