How to Choose an Electric Knife Sharpener?

A dull blade is never anyone’s favorite and many a times the use of manual sharpeners to not offer the best results on your knife. It is however important to point out that electric knife sharpeners are great and will offer the desired results to any knife lover. Below are some few guidelines to help you on how to choose the right electric sharpener for your knife.

What to consider in the electric knife sharpener?

No matter what kind of a sharpener you intend to buy, whether electric or manual, should look out for the following characteristics from the dealer:

electric knife sharpener
Chef’s Choice 120 Diamond Hone 3-Stage Electric Knife Sharpener
  • The weak and strong points for the specific forms
  • Resilience. For example the ceramic rods are known for their easy breakage.
  • Is it easy to use that particular knife sharpener and is it sensitive to use? It is portable in case you want to carry it around?
  • Simple storage

Since knife sharpeners are not used on a day to day basis, it will be important to consider whether the sharpener you opt for is compressed enough to allow for easy storage.

After considering the above points, you should consider the issue of the angle, the abrasiveness of the sharpener and the number of stages needed in sharpening the knife. Bear in mind that you can carry a knife with you to try the sharpeners’ suitability.


The abrasiveness of the electric knife sharpener can help you decide on its effectiveness to sharpen the knife and in removing the brunt metal as well as in making the edges finer. For example, diamond and tungsten carbide spruce off a lot of meal quickly and could end up leaving a rough finishing. One the other hand, ceramic abrasives pulverize more slowly but they end up giving you a better edge.

Using steel abrasives does not help much as they do not remove any metal at all. These are however useful during the last bit of polishing the knife once the actual sharpening has been done. Many sharpeners are however made to incorporate 2 or more materials within the same unit.


Chef's Choice AngleSelect Diamond Hone Sharpener
Chef’s Choice AngleSelect Diamond Hone Sharpener

Although you could find some of the sharpener models written “standard angle”, it is hard to get the actual angling indicated in many models. The standard angle means that they are either more or less than 20 degree according to the European standards. Getting a sharpener that comes with modifiable angles will be an added advantage since you will be able to modify the edge depending with how you want to use it.

In case you intend to use the sharpeners on Japanese style knifes, it will be prudent to use sharpeners that are specifically made for Asian knives since they work on smaller angle.

One-sided or double-sided electric knife sharpener

When choosing an electric knife sharpener, one extra quality to consider is whether you are interested in a one-sided or two-sided type.

It is easier to use the double-sided electric sharpeners since they are equipped with a rotary mechanism that is simpler. These kinds of sharpeners are also useful on more than one blade simultaneously. Some of the advantages associated with double-sided electric sharpeners is that they are not ideal for use on chisel knives and normally form bowl-shaped bevels which can be leaner and weaker compared to other shapes.

One-sided electric sharpeners normally form a flat bevel, which is sturdier than a bowl-shaped bevel and seems to work in a better with the serrated knives. Their drawbacks are that the knife’s blade guides can at times scrape the knives and the sharpening action cannot be relied much.

Multi-stage electric knife sharpeners

Presto 08810 Professional Multi-stage Electric Knife Sharpener
Presto 08810 Electric Knife Sharpener

Normally, the initial stage in knife sharpening begins with a stone that hones the knife bevel. This initial process leaves scuffs and this is why electric sharpeners are made with the second stage.

The scratches are removed in the second stage using a stone. You will also find other electric sharpeners that are equipped with a third stage and this involves the buffing of the knife to make the sharpening finer. Many sharpeners use this stage to enhance the sharpening of the edge.

Check out our huge list of quality electric knife sharpeners that will help you achieve the best results and enhance the functionality of your knifes at a reasonable price.

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